What are terpenes?

Terpenes are responsible for the plants aroma. They have many medical benefits.  Also, they share similar precursors with cannabinoids. Regulatory agencies have recognized them as safe to use.  Despite allergic reactions, they can have a profound effect on your CBD. After all, what can’t plants do these days?

What is the linalool?

Linalool, a citrusy and spicy terpene is commonly found in lavender. It inhibits GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) neurotransmitters that effect our motor skills. Vision and anxiety levels are also effected. 


linalool terpenes

What is the pinene?

Pinene, from pine needles and other herbs like basil or rosemary,  act as a bronchodilator. It’s anti-inflammatory and assists in opening up airways. This also helps people with asthma.

pinene terpene

What is the myrcene?

Myrcene, commonly found in hops and mangos, is a pain relieving and sedative molecule. It travels through prostaglandin pathways and is anti-inflammatory.  Myrcene aids in sleep and relaxation.

myrcene terpenes

CBD (Cannabidiol)

Today, not a lot of CBD companies add in terpenes with their products. This leaves questions and money on the table. Why not? There is a slight lack of research in human studies with CBD mixed. But we have a long history of using terpenes alone. They assist CBD quicker into the bloodstream and enter through multiple pathways rather than one. Hitting multiple pathways throughout the body brings you the entourage effect. Also, it raises serotonin levels.  It can assists your day to stay awake or fall asleep

Having good manufacturing practices is key when using terps. They are more present in plants that are deprived of nitrogen and can be formulated into products that are designed for day and nighttime use. These terps are not all from the Cannabis plant themselves.  It is too expensive to isolate and can become stripped from the plant through heat exchange. Adding them back into CBD through other plants is just as effective and cheaper.


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