What is Pineapple Express CBD?

CBD is formulated many different ways. Now, by taking certain terpenes and infusing them into your product not only changes its profile, but changes the way it makes you feel. In addition, Pineapple Express CBD oil with added terpenes has a big effect on our mood, mental clarity and focus. Also, limonene from lemons for example, boosts mood and increases energy levels.  

In this case, Pineapple Express brings you a flavorful concoction to assist with the day tasks. Also, it’s been noted effects can last up to 12 hours so there’s no need to worry about the 2 o’clock crash. The worry and anxiety floods away allowing you to get back to normal. Additionally, focus becomes enhanced allowing you to stay on top of your do-to-list. 

Pineapple Express Benefits

Pineapple Express can bring many positive benefits. As a matter of fact, these cannabinoids are designed to keep you in the zone all day. Also, when problems arise they are much easier to deal with. Micro-managing becomes easier to do with a sharp and focused mind. To put it this way, your day simply becomes smoother. For this reason, benefits Pineapple Express may bring are:

  • anxiety reduction
  • enhanced focus
  • alertness
  • social settings
  • work flow

Strain Info

First, breeders first had to cross Trainwreck with Hawaiian Haze CBD in order to create this oil.   As a result, Pineapple Express was emerged. Second, by placing Express hemp through a super-critical CO2 extraction process, the plants oil oozes out. With this in mind, the next few steps involve purification and infusing specific terpenes.

Even though full spectrum products already come with the plants’ natural terpenes, it’s important to note the power behind them. Again, these essential aromas make a difference on how we interact with them. Formulating products this way simplifies your question on which to choose from.  There’re many products for sleep, to stay awake, to relax joints, etc. Therefore, the integrity of these products stand strong as they do what they’re designed to do. Also, our terpene interaction plays a big role in how we respond to them. Although, everyone may not experience the same effects with the same terpene.  

Indica or Sativa?

The daytime effects Pineapple Express brings has the potential to enhance your attention and focus. These added terpenes awaken the senses that sharpen your attention. By incorporating cbd oil into your day you can now block out any unwanted thoughts and compartmentalize them for later.  In addition, the afternoon crash is no more and you can be alert for hours. With this in mind, you can classify Pineapple Express hemp as a sativa. 

What Terpenes are in Pineapple Express?

Multiple terpenes are found in Pineapple Express Hemp. The most common ones beta-pinene, d-limonene, linalool and beta-caryophyllene bring daytime effects. Again, terpenes gives off a plants scent and aroma.  A product that would smell like lemon would most likely have d-limonene in it. Linalool from lavender and so on. Our ability to smell is a survival tactic. Hundreds of years ago, if we smelt a saber-tooth tiger in the area we would instinctively know to avoid the area. In other words, it was simply life or death. Below is a graph on the terpene count found in Purple Plains Pineapple Express Full Spectrum tinctures. 

Pineapple Express Terpenes

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