abacus diesel hemp

Abacus Diesel CBD Hemp Flower

Purple Plains brings you, ‘Abacus Diesel’! Abacus Diesel is a cross between Abacus™ x Abacus 2.0™. This super gassy strain has an astonishing high

Purple Haze Hemp

Purple Haze CBD Hemp Flower

Purple Plains brings you, ‘Purple Haze’!  This Purple Haze stems from the sour space candy lineage. Purple Haze is fruity, relaxing and

Citrus Lifter Hemp

Citrus Lifter CBD Hemp Flower

Purple Plains brings you, ‘Citrus Lifter’!  This Hemp flower is a cross between Lemon Haze and Early Resin Bud.  As a Hybrid, Citrus

magic bullet hemp

Magic Bullet CBD Hemp Flower

Purple Plains brings you, ‘Magic Bullet’!  This Hemp flower is a cross between Otto II with Wife.  Magic Bullet is fruity, relaxing and

Special Sauce Hemp

Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower

Purple Plains brings you, ‘Special Sauce’!  This Hemp flower is a cross between Special Sauce and Early Resin Berry.  As a Hybrid, Special

Hawaiian Haze Hemp

Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower

Purple Plains brings you, ‘Hawaiian Haze’! This tropical strain smells like a fruity paradise that you’ll want on hand. You’ll

CBD Dispensary

CBD Dispensary

The CBD market is growing larger every day as new entrepreneurs take a shot at running a CBD dispensary. But,

Nebraska cbd shops

Nebraska CBD Shops

Nebraska CBD shops are popping up everywhere, but what struggles come with opening up a shop? After all, marijuana is

CBD in Lincoln Nebraska

CBD Lincoln Nebraska

CBD in Lincoln Nebraska  CBD in Lincoln Nebraska is easy to find as there’re over a dozen shops. Unfortunately, finding

Pineapple Express cbd oil

Pineapple Express CBD Oil

What is Pineapple Express CBD? <a href=”https://www.purpleplainscbd.com/product/purple-plains-1500mg-cbd-tincture-pineapple-express-full-spectrum/”> Pineapple Express CBD oil </a> CBD is formulated many different ways. Now, by

CBD massage oil

CBD Massage Oil

Purple Plains CBD <em>feel the difference</em> <h2>How does CBD Massage oil work?</h2> CBD massage oil works by massaging it into

cbd oil for massage

CBD Oil Massage

CBD MASSAGE OILFeel how this topical oil can help fight joint & back pain. SHOPCBD for Back PainReduce back pain

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Questioning Federal Marijuana Prohibition <a style=”color: #d714f2;” href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarence_Thomas”>Supreme court justice</a> Clarence Thomas says federal laws against marijuana may no longer

Is Shipping Hemp Legal?

Will UPS Ship Hemp? Abiding by your carrier’s rules makes shipping Hemp easy. UPS state’s this on their website about

Losing weight with CBD

Losing weight Have you ever thought about losing weight with <a style=”color: #d714f2;” href=”https://www.news-medical.net/health/What-are-Cannabinoids.aspx”>cannabinoids</a>? What are they and how do

cbd massage

CBD Topical

What is CBD Massage oil? <a style=”color: #d714f2;” href=”https://www.purpleplainscbd.com/product/purple-plains-topical-cbd-massage-oil/”>CBD massage oil</a> is a topical solution with hemp extract and since

How do we get sick?

Why do we get sick? Of course, it’s always wise to be a little extra cautious around flu season. Whether

What are terpenes?

What are terpenes? <p style=”text-align: left;”>Terpenes are responsible for the plants aroma. They have many medical benefits.  Also, they share

How CBD interacts with receptors

What is insulin and CBD receptors? <p>How does CBD interact with our receptors?<a style=”font-size: 1.125rem;” href=”https://thedr.com/”> Dr. Tom O’Bryan, DC,

Cannabis History 101

Where did cannabis come from? Out of all the drugs combined, Cannabis ranks number one for most desired. It can