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How does CBD Massage oil work?

CBD massage oil works by massaging it into the skin topically. It may be necessary to measure out a particular number of milligrams so you know how much is effective. Allow cbd massage oil to soak into the skin then repeat until your dose is fully applied. In addition, massage into the skin and allow up to 20 minutes to activate its affects. As a result, muscles and joints should then loosen up as inflammation fades away bringing you relief from pain.

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Purple Plains CBD massage oil is a high anti-inflammatory topical application. It’s been shown to reduce soreness and reverse skin diseases.  Inside our 4oz bottle contains:

  1. Sweet almond oil
  2. Sage essentail oils
  3. Peppermint
  4. Coconut oil
  5. Lavender 
  6. Hemp Extract (1200mg)

Reducing inflammation is the key to stopping symptoms in its tracks. By applying this topical twice a day you will be ahead of the problem before it starts. 

CBD Topical Skincare

Research proposes that CBD topical oil may be favorable for many different skin conditions. As we all know, excessive oily skin can result in acne. A 2014 study looked into human sebocytes. These are cells that create an oily substance on the skin. The study shows that CBD can halt to production of excessive sebocytes thus pausing acne from developing. 

Also, a 2019 study suggests CBD may be useful to treat dry skin. Anti-inflammatory properties in these topicals can reduce potential irritants of:

  1. psoriasis
  2. dermatitis 
  3. eczema
  4. wrinkles
  5. rosacea
  6. hives
  7. ichthyosis
  8. cold sores
  9. lupus
  10. and more

Where can I buy CBD Massage Oil?

It’s important to understand what to look for prior to buying cbd massage oil. After all, how do you know if it’s credible or if it will even work? Unfortunately, expired products are being sold and little information is given. Despite all the confusion going around, we have listed what to look for when choosing your cbd skincare topical.  Obviously, keep a lookout for the product description so you know if it contains THC or not. The strength and bottle size is crucial when determining a serving size. To do this, simply divide the milliliter into the strength (120/1200)= 10mg of cbd per 1mL.

massage oil measurements

Given these points on what to look for, you now have the tools to start shopping. You can check your local area or buy online. Nevertheless, keep these points in mind when choosing a brand and best of luck on your road to recovery. 

How to make CBD Massage Oil

Making your own CBD massage oil is fun and easy. Simply pick out your favorite essential oils and mix them with your CBD. If you need to make products in bulk many places offer CBD isolate in crystal form that can be mixed in. With attention to certain therapeutic responses of these essential oils, you can modify your mixture for a particular use. In other words, citrusy aromas can awaken your senses while earthy tones can be more relaxing.

Surprisingly, many products can be made with CBD massage oil. Bath bombs, soap, moisturizers and lotions can all be made with CBD. These are a great way to incorporate natural ingredients back into your life that bring you relief. 


How to apply CBD Massage Oil

Applying CBD massage oil can depend on a few key factors. Some questions you may want to ask yourself can include the pain level. More CBD may be needed for more painful issues. If pain level is really high you may want to consult your doctor. Not all types of pain can be managed with CBD alone.  Also, how big is the surface area? A larger area like the back may require more oil to cover.

All things considered; we have posted an image below to help guide you. We believe 25mg is a good starting point. Gradually go up or down from there depending on bodily reactions. Allow time for massage oil to absorb into the skin. Onset for effectiveness to take place is around 20 minutes.

applying cbd massage oil
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Caution: For External Use Only. Avoid contact with eyes or open wounds. If irritants become worse, stop application. Consult your doctor prior to using cbd if breastfeeding.

*Daily Value: Not established. Cannabidiol is a natural constituent of hemp oil.

Most importantly, consult your doctor prior to taking CBD products in case it conflicts with medication.  For example, a person on blood thinners may want to avoid CBD. Despite how other have reacted to CBD, know that everyone may react different.  For instance, women’s Endocannabinoid system can be up to 4x more sensitive vs men. Again, consult your doctor prior to taking CBD if you are unsure. 

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