CBD Hemp Flower Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD Hemp flower?

Hemp flower obtains natural bud grown onto the hemp plant. That dried flower contains all of the full spectrum cannabinoids that plant has to offer along with a variety of terpenes

How's Hemp different than weed?

Due to its THC levels, anything under 0.3% delta-9 THC will be considered Hemp according to the 2018 Farm Bill. However, marijuana will be the plant with higher levels of THC. 

How's Hemp made?

Hemp flower comes from the female Hemp plant which are bread to contain low levels of THC and higher levels of cannabidiol (CBD).  Otherwise, anything over .3% delta-9 THC will be considered Marijuana according to the federal government. 

What are the benefits of Hemp flower?

Some benefits of Hemp flower are similar to marijuana. It’s been reported to help with stress, anti-inflammatory properties, appetite control, sleep disorders, focus, attention, illness and disease. In addition, it’s been shown to help greatly with pets.

What's Hemp extract?

Hemp extract comes from the plants oil. It’s extracted through high temperature and pressure through a process called CO2 extraction. It uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull out the desired cannabinoids, terpenes and waxes from the Hemp plant as well.

What does Hemp flower look and smell like?

Hemp flower looks similar to marijuana and smells like it too. Comparatively, aromas like citrus, hops, skunky or fruity are common. Some buds are denser than others and come in all sizes. The term, “smalls” are used for very small buds. For instance, if someone orders joints, smalls would be used in this instance. 

Will Hemp flower get me high?

Depending upon how sensitive your body reacts to things may affect your feeling on Hemp flower. Some strains are stronger than others so you may certainly feel the ‘high’ effects, but not as strong as regular weed. Additionally,  women’s Endocannabinoid system can be up to 4x more sensitive in men so females may want to take less.

What's the strongest Hemp flower?

In most cases, ‘Lifter’ can be considered the strongest Hemp flower due to its high THC count. However, cross breading will always be happening, so who knows what the future looks like. 

Is Hemp flower legal in Texas?

Gov. Gregg Abbott signed House Bill 1325, which finally legalized the cultivation, possession and sale of industrial hemp that contains less than 0.3% delata-9 THC in year 2019.  However, smoking in public may cause trouble because of the state-wide ban on the consumption of marijuana.

How long does Hemp flower last?

Hemp flower can last up to 12 months if stored correctly. However, keep in a tight, concealed jar or airtight bag with humidity packs in a cool dark place or it may go bad.

Can you mail and ship Hemp flower?

Yes, mailing and shipping Hemp flower to those legal states can be allowed.  Also, it’s wise to vacuum seal your products to avoid problems with your mail carrier. It’s also recommended to supply a cover letter and lab results with each shipment.

Where can I buy Hemp flower?

Online shopping for Hemp flower can be easy. Picking a particular brand although takes more digging into. Make sure they posted their lab results including their THC count. Additionally, many have the plants terpene profile as well. This gives you the breakdown of its smell and aroma. 

Can I sell Hemp flower?

Containing the proper business licenses allows the ability to sell Hemp. Be sure to ask for lab results to compare THC levels. Again, you must provide proper paperwork in order to sell. Otherwise, you are subject to get shutdown.