The CBD market is growing larger every day as new entrepreneurs take a shot at running a CBD dispensary. But, what exactly is a CBD dispensary? What type of products do they carry and what’s the fine line of legality of such products? We will discuss current knowledge and standards of the CBD world.

What is a CBD Dispensary

A CBD dispensary is just like a marijuana dispensary, but with legal CBD products that you can ship. You see, marijuana comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant which contains over 100 cannabinoids that do different things. Hemp also comes from Cannabis Sativa, but formulated and grown to yield lesser amounts of THC in order to claim its legal use. Current law states that no CBD product can contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC (the cannabinoid that gets you high). Otherwise, that product is considered marijuana and is subject to all sorts of different rules on its use. To put it simply, CBD products can still relieve some of your symptoms similar to marijuana, but without getting high. 

It is believed that owning a CBD dispensary sets yourself up for the future when recreational use becomes legal. More products become added to the menu and more customers for your business. Are these products strong enough to keep the lights on and your shop afloat? How do CBD products differ from recreational use?

CBD Dispensary


Products found in a CBD dispensary still contain over 100 cannabinoids that have therapeutic properties. Most are designed to relieve inflammation in the brain and body which is what spurs these products into creation.  Getting high may be fun and all, but there are still many people out there simply looking for an all natural way to relieve stress without losing control. 

To get the most out of your CBD, look for it in a ‘Full Spectrum’ form. This version of CBD contains all of the cannabinoids found in the Hemp plant minus delta-9 THC.  Results have shown the CBD cannabinoid by itself has stronger anti-inflammatory properties in higher doses than some full spectrum forms. These are typically found in topical solutions that you can rub on the affected area. 


Justifying the amount you spend on products varies drastically. A CBD dispensary may upcharge more because they own a store.  Also, on top of that you have the products labeling, packing materials and testing procedures to pay for. Then, these business owners would also like to see a profit to grow the company. 

How strong is your CBD? Products cost more with a higher amount of milligrams. For example, a 500mg full spectrum tincture could cost around $30 while a 1500mg tincture has been seen over $100.  How much do you need? This is based off of multiple factors such as your overall BMI, age, empty or full stomach and gender. In general, a good starting point is around 25mg. You then can fluctuate up or down from there. 

CBD Dispensary Shipping

This is what separates marijuana from hemp. It’s one thing to own a recreational marijuana dispensary, but what if you also carried CBD products you could ship? You would no longer be stuck with your surrounding customers and could branch out to other states even. Of course, many states do not allow certain products so it’s crucial to know the law and where you stand. 

Purple Plains CBD ships hemp products such as hemp flower and pre-rolls that are vacuum sealed tight to trap odor. Lab results and a cover letter for traveling hemp is provided with each shipment. 

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